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You have big plans for your future.

We can help you reach your goals.

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Start making progress on your money today. A little, or a lot.

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Team Do Better.


(Really, free.)

I get it. Really I do. You want to work on your money, but you're afraid to commit. Plus, you don't have any money to buy a book or pay for a mastermind group. (Because, after all, you're here because you're struggling with your money. Right?)


I've been where you are, and I want to help. 


If you:

Read my blog,

Watch my videos,

Subscribe to our newsletter,

and Join Team Do Better,

our private Facebook group, you'll find relief. I promise.


Make progress.

Get the book:

Action Plan for a Better Life with Money.

Almost free.


This book is for you.


If you feel alone, be assured you aren’t. There are millions of others just like you, walking around every day with that nagging little voice that whispers “you could be better with your money” or a not-so-nice and not-so-little voice that shouts “are you ever going to get your money $%@* together? 


Are you ready for your little voice to whisper “you’re good with your money” and “look at those bank balances!” and “wow, you handled that like a champ.”


You can make that happen. Start Here. Start now. Don’t just know better. Do better.

Jump in feet first...

Take action.


Join the online course:

Finance Boot Camp 


(8 week course - $179)

Finance Gym's Boot Camp walks you through the most important actions you need to take to feel stronger, and be stronger, with your money.


In each session, Stacey leads you through the exact lessons you need to learn to make your money stronger in every area, and she shows you the fastest way to get the work done and start feeling some relief.


Not only will you get the fast track to the key areas of the Better Life with Money book, you'll also get to ask her questions each week during class and during additional office hours.





Swim strong...

Talk deeply.

Commit wholly.

Join a peer learning group:

Mastermind your Money.


(Or $119/month for 6 months)

Our unique mastermind group model creates open and honest financial conversations that are motivating, transformational and GET RESULTS. You've never had an experience like this with your money!


Is it scary? Yes! You're talking to five strangeers about your money!


Does it work? Yes!


It's a study group, support group, think tank and accountability group all in one. It's like a Team in Training®, but for your money.

Want to listen to a

Mastermind Your Money call?

Find your path and stay motivated.
Finance Gym, Personal Financial Coaching

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the financial decisions that you have to make? Are you just dealing with the everyday decisions and ignoring the bigger picture? 


You're not alone. 


We help you break through the roadblocks that prevent you from seeing your path and reaching your goals. You will learn new healthy habits, strategies, and attitudes that support your financial growth.


You will be a member of a caring community that keeps you motivated about your financial well-being.



Since my Mastermind your Money group, I've saved $108,000 and paid off $23,000 in debt.



Get guidance, support, and accountability.

Have you tried personal finance self-help books and weekend seminars, only to find yourself back at sqaure one?


We won't overload your mind and send you on your way. We create small groups of like-minded individuals, where you can openly discuss your financial concerns, on a regular basis, with people who care about you, to ensure that you get long-term results. 


We are stronger as a group.

Finance Gym, Personal Financial Coaching
Let us help you reach your goals.
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