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At Finance Gym, we change lives. We change the way people think about their finances. It doesn't have to feel like a chore; there is a way to make it fun and simple. We teach you to make the changes in your financial life that you've always aspired to, but haven't gotten around to yet. Through our book, online courses and mastermind groups we ask thought-provoking questions, help you find the what is keep you stuck, and inspire you to take action. Simply said, we help you change your life by improving your finances. 

Stacey Powell, Finance Gym, Personal Financial Coaching


My sole purpose is to change the way you interact with your money so that you can lead a more peaceful, confident and prosperous life. And have fun doing it. 


Stacey Powell

Founder & Chief Creative Officer 

+ Author, Speaker, Nonprofit CFO & Financial Coach

I messed up. That’s just the truth. All of my financial education and professional experience at Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC) and as a Chief Financial Officer of a nonprofit wasn’t enough to keep me from making the wrong decisions when faced with a string of personal financial blows. The resulting financial quagmire I found myself in transformed me and helped me realize how to transform others.


Step by step, I changed my life. Now, I help others change their lives. 


I've emerged as not just an experienced and talented financial professional, but a compassionate and inspiring leader who has an uncanny ability to help you see what your next right financial action is. 

Creating Answers

Financial Coaching and External CFO Firm

Prior to founding Finance Gym, Stacey founded Creating Answers, a firm that offers an outside the box hybrid model of external Chief Financial Officer services and financial coaching. In conjunction with these services, Creating Answers offers bookkeeping, financial analytics, cash flow projections, budget composition, and much more. And we make it fun!


Creating Answers is now owned by Shawna Fitzgerald. To learn more, read below or head over to

Best Financial Advice I Give

Follow the Rule of 3 everytime you get "extra money".


1/3 Goes Into Savings

1/3 Pays Down Debt 

1/3 Is for Something You Want

My Favorite Blogs



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