faq's and park locations

We'll be building an FAQ list as we get questions. You can email questions to info@thefinancegym.com or post them on social media.


How do we find you at the park?

Park maps are below with a circle around the general area. Look for the green pop up tent and a litter of piggybanks.


Does it cost money?

No, Piggybanks in the Park is free.


Should I bring anything?

It's kind of like a picnic, so yes, bring your own blanket or lawn chair.

(We have some blankets available too.)


How long is it?

One hour.


Can kids come?

Kids are welcome; they need to learn that money is fun too. Please assure that they aren't disruptive, though.

For bigger kids, there are two events, one in Sacramento and one in Stockton, specifically for Teens and Parents. What we'll be teaching at those will be great for pre-teens, post-teens, and especially, you Parents.


Do I have to sign up?

No, you can just come. But if you sign up we'll keep you informed and you'll also get our "Weekly Workout" newsletter.


Will you be selling anything?

This is a grassroots campaign to motivate you and your community to do better with money. And it's a book tour, so yes, you can pick up a copy of "A Better Life with Money" and learn about our book study and book club programs.


What are the special topic events?

The special topic events happened in the Sacramento region, noted in pink on the main schedule, and focused on specific money goals or toward the goals and challenges specific to where you are in life, or the kind of work you do. Some examples:

       Artists & Creatives: We'll be talking about some of the challenges faced by those working in creative fields such as valuing your work and the clarity that separating your business and personal finances brings. We're also going to share a few unique creative approaches to looking at your money in a way you've never seen before.

       Teens & Parents: We'll be talking about the issues that face teens as they launch in to a life of earning and managing money, as well as talking to parents about how to best coach their kids along the path.

       20-somethings (& 30's too): Why should you spend a beautiful summer Sunday afternoon in William Land Park? Because what you hear on Sunday will make the rest of your entire life with money easier. Because you KNOW you have a little voice that says "I could do better," but it's followed by the little voice that says "next job," "next raise,"  or "next year." We'll be talking about simple easy steps that you can take that day to impact you and your money.   

california tour park maps

August 2016

sacramento tour park maps

East of the gabezo

Location change!



Clunie Commuity Center

Alhambra Room

601 Alhambra Blvd

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