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You want to feel better about your money. You want the confidence to know that you're making the right financial decisions. You want to be financially healthy. 


why finance gym? 

Peer learning groups. 

Professional advice.

Skillfully facilitated. 

why join a mastermind group?

Our unique group model creates open and honest financial conversations that are motivating and gets results. This isn't a class, or a seminar, or a sales pitch. It's a focused conversation about the financial topics that are important to you with people who want you to succeed. 

how will it help me?

You will get clarity. You will clearly see where you are, where you want to be, and what needs to be done to achieve your goals. 


You will breathe easier. You will have increased confidence because taking action will relieve the stress and anxiety around your money. 


You will be supported. You will know that you aren't alone. You will have a safe place to talk about your financial concerns with like-minded people who care about your progress. 


You will see results. Clarity, action, confidence and support leads to smarter financial decisions, decreased debt, increased savings, and improved relationships. Check out our testimonials

Finance Gym, Personal Financial Coaching
ready to feel better about your money?

Mastermind your Money©​ groups are professionally facilitated, peer learning groups of six people who are ready and willing to stop feeling stressed about their money.


Each session focuses on a specific financial topic chosen by a group member. Some past topics have been “I want to get out of debt, but I don’t know how to start” to “My spouse and I need to get on the same page about our finances" to “How do I make my business more successful?”


The trained facilitator guides the group through the mastermind process of asking thought provoking questions, giving advice once the situation is understood, selecting action items, and, last but not least, accountability. 

how does it work?
can i try it before i register?

Click on the play button below to listen to a 30-minute sample Mastermind your Money call of past members that are meeting for the first time. Click here if you're on an ipad/iphone.

Yes, you can! There are two ways:

Listen to a
past call

Anne is on the hot seat asking for guidance on her next steps. Check out her testimonial

Sign up

You can also call into a free sample Mastermind your Money call to experience it live. And if you're the first one on the call, you get to choose the topic. 

Finance Gym, Personal Financial Coaching
2-hour call. twice a month. 6 months. 
$679 for the 6 month group (or $119/month for 6 months.)

* If you show up to every session with an open mind and take action on your hot seat commitments for six months, we guarantee that you'll feel better about your money. 

what's the commitment?

1. Be willing to improve your finances; 2. Have an open mind; 3. Make a commitment to yourself and your group. 

when do the groups meet?

Groups meet either the 1st & 3rd or 2nd & 4th day of a week for two-hours at the same time. Some groups are morning, others evening. Hopefully you'll find one that fits your schedule. If not, pop us an email and give us some times that would work for you. We'll see what we can do.

what if i can't afford it?

I get it. You're struggling with your money and $679 seems really hard. Well, do you think that after a six-month journey of support and accountability you might have made that much, or more, progress on your money? If yes, take the leap! If you're still not sure, then head back to the HOME page and sign up for every free offering we have. Or buy The Finance Gym Action Plan for a Better Life with Money book. Get in action. And one day soon enough you'll be able to afford our groups.

is it confidential?

Absolutely. We understand that money is a personal and private topic for most. With that in mind, we emphasize confidentiality and ensure that all members are genuinely interested in and committed to sharing, learning and improving their finances. 

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