Finance Gym Action Plan (50% off >25 books)
  • Finance Gym Action Plan (50% off >25 books)

    The Finance Gym Action Plan 
    for a Better Life with Money
    Don't just know better. Do better.
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      Would you like to feel like you’ve helped a potential client who isn’t ready to work with you? Would you like that potential client to make enough progress with their finances that they make their way back to you?

      We’ve all turned prospects away – one’s that we really wanted to help but couldn’t – because they weren’t in a financial position to work with us. If you’re a Realtor, financial advisor, mortgage lender or other finance professional, you know this simple fact: the majority of working American’s are living on the edge.

      I wrote this book because I grew weary of turning people away in my financial coaching practice. I wanted to find a way to help them help themselves. There is an endless pipeline of prospects who, once past the living paycheck to paycheck curve, would become great clients.

      Next time you have a parting gift for a prospect that you can’t yet help, give them something that will help them help themselves. Give them The Finance Gym Action Plan for a Better Life with Money.
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