Mastermind your Money for couples
  • Mastermind your Money for couples

    This is the group for you if you and your partner are ready to tackle your finances and you both want to work through it together. 
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      You want to get on the same page about managing your finances and planning for the future. You want to talk about your finances in a healthy and productive way, not ignore them just to avoid a fight.

      If you're the only one in the relationship that's ready to take the first step, don't worry, you're not alone. Join our regualr Mastermind your Money group and we'll work through this together. "Improved relationships" with partners, friends and family is one of our most common success stories even when only one partner joins.

      Groups meet twice a month for six months via conference call. This is our payment plan option of $218/month. You'll be billed an additional 5 monthly installments of $218/month.