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SUCCESS STORIES from Mastermind your Money

Every single Mastermind your Money member has a success story! Promotions, raises, increased business profits, increased savings, decreased debt, improved relationships, increased confidence, you name it, our members have experienced it. 


Finance Gym, Personal Financial Coaching


The mastermind experience gave me the confidence and support I needed.

Paid off $23,000 

of Debt   

Saved 3 Months of    

Emergency Reserves      



Income 23%


When I first heard about Finance Gym's mastermind groups, I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing for me. I’d been in a funk for a while, my cash flow was depleted and I wasn't sure if it made sense. Through the encouragement of a good friend, I decided to take a chance.
I’m so glad I did. The group was intimate and safe. The group is facilitated in a way that’s unlike any other mastermind experience I’ve ever experienced. I made a choice to be committed to myself and the group. And what I found was that a lot of us had similar situations, so all the advice that each person received I could take and use in my own life. The group held me accountable, which made me hold myself accountable – I did things that I may never have done on my own.
I got out of my funk. My business is doing the best it’s done in years. I finally have money back in the bank. I have the freedom to do the things I love to do. And, now I'm able to start a new business that I’ve been passionate about for years.
I’m so glad I made this investment in myself. It was definitely worth it. I highly encourage anyone to take advantage of this program. Joining a Mastermind your Money will be the best investment you can make.


Finance Gym, Personal Financial Coaching
Finance Gym, Personal Financial Coaching

When Tony started in a Mastermind your Money group for business owners he was frustrated with his business and had started waking up feeling like he didn’t want to go to work.


His employees weren’t doing their jobs, he felt they were overpaid, and he was growing bitter about his own small paycheck. No surprise that even some of his clients were becoming unhappy.


Through the "hot seat” process in the group, he became crystal clear about the necessary steps to improve his business and his finances. He listened to the advice of fellow members, he made commitments to implement change, and he was accountable to the group.


His business began to improve markedly. Through daily morning meetings with his team, communication and productivity increased and have him the time he needed to improve other systems within his business. He renegotiated his highest paid employee which smoothed his expenses and helped his monthly cash flow.


He has renewed vigor for his business and is feeling much more balanced as a business owner. His clients are happier with their service, and he’s much happier with his employees.

Just a few months into my group, my business has improved and I'm feeling more balanced. 

Finance Gym, Personal Financial Coaching
Finance Gym, Personal Financial Coaching

My husband told me our marriage has become so much better since I started attending the Finance Gym's mastermind group.

I was able to look at some of my financial behaviors that I couldn't look at alone. 

Jane’s financial life wasn’t too problematic before joining a Mastermind your Money Women’s group, but she’d always felt uncomfortable and disconnected about money. She felt “less than” in her marriage because she didn’t have her hands around it. 


Once in the group, she got clear on what her financial goals were, one of which was being able to pay for her kids’ weddings. She had a big number in her head, but didn’t have a path to get there.


By designing a path, and then taking action through tracking her money, she became aware of just how much money she was spending on groceries, and then aware that that simple little fact was creating a wedge between her and her husband.


She started showing up differently to how she spent her family’s money. It opened up constructive communication lines around finances for her and her husband.


Her marriage improved, she felt better about herself, she gained clarity around money, and she found balance in her goal to provide her kids with memorable weddings.



Sherri had financial challenges for as long as she could remember. And not little ones, but major financial problems like having her electricity turned off, her phone disconnected and not being able to fix her car when it broke down.


She'd had struggles with her ex around child support, and she had years of tax issues she just couldn’t deal with. Not knowing where to turn, for years she did what many do: stuck her head in the sand, which resulted in persistent and exhausting financial issues.


She joined a Mastermind your Money group that gave her the support and accountability she hadn’t had. She faced and resolved her tax issues. She became very clear about how much money she was bringing in and actively sought additional work that she enjoyed to close her monthly gap.


Eventually she was able to let go of one part-time job she had only to make ends meet and focus solely on what she really wanted to do in life: teaching.


In just a few short months she experienced life-altering results.







what's your success story going to be?



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